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-Marques Cunningham

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The dangers of being unequally yoked

“Can a man take fire in his bosom And his clothes not be burned” Proverbs 6:27


It is not uncommon to see intimate relationships where the two are unequally yoked, meaning they have two different religions. Some argue that it doesn’t matter as long as they are in love. Others argue that eventually the person will convert to their religion.

Being unequally yoked is a dangerous position to be in because what if instead of them converting to Christianity, you end up converting to their religion? King Solomon is a fine example of the danger of being unequally yoked. Solomon was the wisest person and the greatest king in the history of Israel. The bible tells us that he had anything that he wanted or even imagined. He put some of the worlds biggest playas to shame with his 500 wives and 500 concubines.

His downfall arose when he allowed these women to sway his heart from the true God to Moloch. He changed despite the many blessings that he witnessed with his own eyes. We’re not talking about a man who was barely coming to know God, but a man who knew of the heroic triumph that his father (David) received against Goliath and the Philistines. If a man of his wisdom and awareness can be persuaded to convert, anyone can. Is being in love really worth your soul?


Marques Cunningham is a professional author and freelance writer with ten years experience.  Follow him on twitter at: marquesc850

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Are You Ready?

Occasionally, I hear people mentioning the end times.  They search scriptures, read books searching for signs.  It’s great to observe the signs, as a matter of fact, the bible instructs us to do so.  However, we shouldn’t become preoccupied with the end times to the point that we forget that the end of our life may occur first.

As Christians, we have to remember that we’re only passing through this life and that Earth, in no way, is our home.  Instead, we should focus on doing God’s work. 

My old Pastor used to always end his sermons saying, “It’s only what you do for Christ that will last.”  We are here to do Gods work, not to greedily chase riches.  What good is $1 billion to a dead man?  Even worst, what profit is for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Non-Christians believe that Earth is our final estate and it is evident in their actions.  They lie, steal, kill, cheat, and blaspeme the name of our Lord, with no fear at all.  Many, don’t even believe in our God, but would rather worship man-made gods. 

It doesn’t really matter when the world is going to end if your death precedes the end of the world.  I hear a lot of people professing that they’re not afraid to die.  Some of these people may be telling the truth.  Let me ask you this, would you be eager to step into eternity knowing that you are not in good standings with God? 

If the robber held you up at gun point, would you think to yourself, “I have fought the fight, I have finished my course, now it’s time to rest” or would you enter a moment of uncertainty that causes you to freeze up?  I’m talking about a moment where you doubt your own salvation because you know that you’ve been serving the flesh-that you’ve been pushing Satan’s agenda instead of God’s. 

What if you were in a situation where an oppressor was beheading everyone who professed their faith in God?  Would you know deep down in your heart that your soul is going to a better place or would you succomb to their demands due to to uncertainty?

Brothers and Sisters, we are living in a time where we have to be more focused than ever.  We have to renew our minds daily,  be consistent in prayer, and earnestly try to keep God’s commandments.  We were all appointed a day of birth and day of death.  Don’t find yourself at the end of the road only to realize that you’ve been traveling down the wrong road.  Make  a decision today to travel down “Broad Way” road, so that when this world or your life  is over, which ever one comes first, you’ll be prepared to meet our father.

Marques E. Cunningham is a Journalist, Freelance Writer, and Author with ten years professional writing experience.  His weekly blog According to the Word is updated every Saturday.  Follow him on twitter @marquesc850

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Stop Playing God

By: Marques Cunningham


It bothers me a great deal when I see Christians, who by title, are suppose to be followers of Christ, yet act like they are above him.

This Mentality is part of the reason why some refuse to become a Christian.  It is this same reason that so many brothers and sisters who were once Christians backslide.

For example, If you see a person wear blue jeans to church, who are you to turn them away for being out of  dress code?  God could’ve appointed that person a final chance for salvation before their demise, but instead, you come along and rob them of it.

I once had a friend who was a drug dealer who was feared because of his vicious temper.  Everyone said that he was lost and so far out there that he would never do right.  Others had given up on him long ago.  Finally, I convinced him to go to church with me, which surprisingly, was the first time that he had ever attended.

The constant mumbles of complaints and judgments made him very
uncomfortable.  Half way through praise and worship an usher tapped his right shoulder, saying “sir, we need you to please leave.  Most of the members here are uncomfortable with you, plus we do not allow street clothes in Gods house.”

Full of the horrible feeling of rejection, my friend stormed out the church.  15 mins later, his sister called to inform me that he died in a car accident on his way home.  Sadly, my friend never received salvation. 

Marques E. Cunningham is a Journalist, Freelance Writer, and Author with ten years professional writing experience.  His weekly blog According to the Word is updated every Saturday.  Follow him on twitter @marquesc850

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A Paul-Like Testimony

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith…”

Is there a better testimony that could be said at the end of a person’s life?  We were all born to fulfill a specific purpose within a specific duration.  Many of us will complete our assignments, while others will allow procrastination, hindrances, and excuses to rob them.  Some will journey through life without even giving thought regarding their eternity.

I remember a conversation that I had on the bus with a stranger.  Seated at the back were: two loud teenagers, a lady in her mid 30’s, an elderly man, and myself.  After the stranger was seated, he pulled out a pen and a notebook, turned to his left and addressed the two loud teens, asking “what is your life’s purpose?”

The first teen put down his XXL magazine, chuckled and replied “To have as much fun as I can and to get this money.”   The second teen chuckled and agreed, “Yea, life is all about money.”

The lady in her mid-30’s looked at them in disgust and shouted, “That’s what’s wrong with everybody…life isn’t all about money.  It’s about being happy.”

The elderly man cleared his throat and said, “I’m not sure, it seems like we were put here to suffer and then die.  I’ve seen a lot in my days and just don’t understand life.”

I sat in silence while I observed their remarks about life.  I had decided at the beginning of the conversation that I wasn’t going to get involved in this one.  After the elderly man made his statement, the curious stranger looked at me with a really intense facial expression and asked was I going to share my thoughts.  I was just about to say no but then I had a change of heart.

I replied, “Life isn’t about money.  Life isn’t about cars and clothes.  It’s not about peace, happiness, fun, or any of the things that most people think life is about.  Life is about God and his mission-nothing more, nothing less.  It’s about taking the gifts and qualities that he assigned to you and using them to the best of your ability.  Jesus wasn’t rich nor was his life peaceful and full of joy.  But he understood that he had a mission to complete.”


The stranger’s stern, intense look changed into a smile.  “Well said my brother.”

To be unaware of your life’s purpose is a dangerous position to be in.  If you are unaware of your life’s purpose and your role, then how can you complete your mission?  If you do not understand your purpose, you cannot properly evaluate how far you’ve come, how far you need to go, what you need to change, or even realize where you are at.





Comments are always appreciated.  Follow me on twitter @marquesc850.  If you’ve found this blog to be helpful be sure to share with others so that it can help them also.

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There Is Power In Words

By Marques Cunningham

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”…what a lie!  The words that we speak for better or worst will come true.  Our words will either elevate or destroy us.  Almost everything in life is contingent on words, which is why Solomon frequently sought out “good and acceptable” words     (Eccl 12:10).

Words are as useful as an oasis in the midst of a desert if used properly.  When a friend loses a loved one, your words may be the only consolation for their broken spirit.  That lonely elderly man, who doesn’t have any loved ones, would give the world to hear your loving words.  Words can instill hope, encouragement, and order in ways that otherwise would be impossible.

Words can also destroy us if misused.  Belittling, gossip, slander, lying, and complaining are all ways that death is produced by words.  When we use our words to belittle someone, we not only hurt their feelings but we speak those horrible words into existence.

The creation is a great example of how powerful words are.  The detailed seven day account (Genesis 1) explains how God created a different thing each day by his words.

Words reveal the contents of your heart.  Words can help you obtain salvation because it requires a public testimony in order to receive. 

Many will deny the Lord and be doomed to eternity in Hell over words.  Matthew 12:36 tells us that “every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment”.  We will give an account for every word which includes the fussing, cussing, gossip, lies, false accusations, complaining, and every other useless word.

Marques E. Cunningham is a Journalist, Freelance Writer, and Author with ten years professional writing experience.  His weekly blog According to the Word is updated every Saturday.  Follow him on twitter @marquesc850

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