Stop Playing God

By: Marques Cunningham


It bothers me a great deal when I see Christians, who by title, are suppose to be followers of Christ, yet act like they are above him.

This Mentality is part of the reason why some refuse to become a Christian.  It is this same reason that so many brothers and sisters who were once Christians backslide.

For example, If you see a person wear blue jeans to church, who are you to turn them away for being out of  dress code?  God could’ve appointed that person a final chance for salvation before their demise, but instead, you come along and rob them of it.

I once had a friend who was a drug dealer who was feared because of his vicious temper.  Everyone said that he was lost and so far out there that he would never do right.  Others had given up on him long ago.  Finally, I convinced him to go to church with me, which surprisingly, was the first time that he had ever attended.

The constant mumbles of complaints and judgments made him very
uncomfortable.  Half way through praise and worship an usher tapped his right shoulder, saying “sir, we need you to please leave.  Most of the members here are uncomfortable with you, plus we do not allow street clothes in Gods house.”

Full of the horrible feeling of rejection, my friend stormed out the church.  15 mins later, his sister called to inform me that he died in a car accident on his way home.  Sadly, my friend never received salvation. 

Marques E. Cunningham is a Journalist, Freelance Writer, and Author with ten years professional writing experience.  His weekly blog According to the Word is updated every Saturday.  Follow him on twitter @marquesc850

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